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Scuba Diving at North Bay Island

45 Minutes Rs. 50000.00 (Rs. 650000.00) / Per person


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Diving Lovers gear up. Scuba Diving most Adventure water activities in this Paradise Island. Theres so much to sea and experience in Port Blair and Havelock Island. If You are Diving Lovers you must not miss these things at any cost.

How to book Scuba Diving at Port Blair and Havelock Island ?

Go Andaman Holidays Team can book  your Diving.

Book Online & Get Instant Discounts! Free Cancellation.

North Bay Island  .Scuba Diving booking slot you can be purchased directly in our website for pre-booking.our expert can book it on your behalf. If you plan to book a Diving after reaching Andaman then there is a possibility of the Diving getting sold out. If all the Diving for that day are already booked, you’ll have to wait for the next day.

About Diving

Many have a thought that swimming is mandatory to do Scuba Diving, however, the fact is no swimming skills are required to do Scuba Diving that we conduct in Andaman for beginners. This is the perfect program if you want to experience scuba diving in a controlled, safe environment. This is not a training course but meant to give you a taste of diving in the azure waters of the Andaman Islands. So get over the fear of swimming and indulge yourself in this non-swimming diving experience.

Non-Swimmer Scuba Trip Details  - You report to our Dive Centre from where we begin our diving experience.  You get a briefing on what to do and what to expect during the day; then you spend some time doing shallow water skills and getting comfortable with the gear. After that, we go for a dive. A dive professional is in the water with you at all times and will handle your safety. 

The maximum depth of the program is 8m – how deep we go will depend upon your comfort level in the water and the instructor's discretion (we want you to have fun, but safety obviously comes first!).

The dive duration depends on you, your air consumption and comfort level. This program lasts for approximately 45 minutes and the total Scuba diving experience including basic training and know-how is about 1.5 hours. Once you get comfortable with this beginner lever or diving experience which requires no swimming skills then you can explore other diving options as well in Andaman Islands.

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